Pointe de Nyon leisure area

Pointe de Nyon leisure area in summer

An area dedicated to hiking, contemplation and discovery of the mountain, its people and activities.

On the program:

  • Access to the Pas de l'Aigle from the top of the Pointe de Nyon chairlift
  • A new fun and educational trail to learn about the fauna that lives in our beautiful mountains
  • Starting point for many hikes, some of which are accessible to the largest number of people
  • Mountain lake
  • Restaurants

Take the new escalator to the departure point of the cable car with its lift pass office open everyday from 10am to 3pm.

Nyon cable car is open everyday from 10am to 5.30pm, and Pointe de Nyon chairlift from 10.15am to 4.45pm
It will open on Friday, July 8th to Sunday, September 4th 2022

Discover the life of a shepherd:

Through educational presentations of the role of the sheep dogs and the life of the shepherd in the mountain pastures. The meeting with the shepherd on site will allow you to go behind the scenes of the breeding and the transhumance (moving of the livestock to different pastures in different seasons).

Special animation: « the shepherd's morning »

Welcoming, meeting with the shepherd's dogs, waking up the herd, presentation of the ewes and goats, basic shepherd's practices, walk in the mountain pastures (about 40 minutes) to discover the herd of cows, history and practice of transhumance.
Breakfast on the way back (hot drink, fruit juice, pastries).
Presentation of the birds of prey on site.
Price: 40 €/ person (20 € for children aged 6 to 12).

Meeting with an animal photographer, an animal ethologist, the creator of Jacquotte ... depending on the dates.

Special event to be booked at the Morzine Tourist Office or by calling +334 50 72 72 26 (Maximum 10 people, adults or children).

"The dog, man's best friend" - Free access

July 29th, August 05th and August 19th: ethological meetings, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Discovery of the behavior of dogs in the company of the shepherd and his dogs: history of domestication, selection of dog breeds according to their use, behavior of the sheepdog (guide dog and protection dog), practice with sheep and geese, education of dogs (and animals in general) for cinema or entertainment, study of particular cases possibly proposed by participants.

Free entertainment, with prior registration on +336 62 76 92 01

The starting point for many hikes

The starting point for many hikes

The Nyon sector is an area dedicated to hiking, you will only come across a few mountain bikes. It is the starting point for many hikes, some of which are accessible to the largest number of people.

Biodiversity is an essential factor in the development of our society.

It is no longer acceptable to ignore its existence and its interest.

But this is not easy to understand and even less apply in the field. It requires, above all, knowledge of the different "protagonists", the wild and domestic flora and fauna and the human beings who live there. Moreover, the preservation of biodiversity must co-exist in harmony with the participants and users of the mountain. This requires above all information and the acquisition of knowledge, and this is what we wish to offer you at the Pointe de Nyon.

In 2021, this area becomes a literal platform for exchanges and learning about the mountain and the protection of biodiversity.

It is also at the starting point of the Pointe de Nyon chair-lift where you can discover the "Pas de l'Aigle" and many hiking trails.

A new fun hiking trail

The best way to protect the environment is to understand it !

A few meters from the restaurant, discover a new educational walking trail. During an hour long walk, you can learn about the fauna that populates our beautiful mountains with the help of information boards. You will be invited to become a participant in your walk by using an application, and if you have any luck you will see the animals you have learned about !