The Environment at the Centre of Our Heart

Aware of its impact on the environment, the Morzine ski area has been investing for many years to preserve natural resources. We have signed up to the Domaine Skiables de France eco-commitments and in 2021 we were awarded the Flocon Vert label by Mountain Riders, which shows our ongoing commitment to the ecological transition


We are signatories to the « Ecowatt » and « Sobriété énergétique » commitment charters drawn up by Domaine skiables de France.

We are strengthening our actions with, for example:

  • Shutting down redundant ski lifts outside peak periods.
  • Improving the insulation and heating of the ski lift cabins.
  • Replacing the oldest equipment with more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly equipment.
  • Stopping the lighting of the slalom stadium – Stop night skiing.
  • The organisation of training workshops for our staff on eco-gestures.
  • Modernisation of lighting solutions and deployment of LEDs.
  • The remote switching off of lights in unoccupied premises, radiators, illuminated displays, devices on standby, screens and photocopiers outside working hours.
The Flocon Vert is a label guaranteeing the sustainable commitment of mountain tourist destinations.
Our ski area has implemented an "environmental observatory"
Our snow groomers are now equipped with an ultra-precise GPS system that allows us to know the quantity of snow per centimetre.

Biodiversity is an essential factor in the development of our society.

It is no longer acceptable to ignore its existence and its interest.

But this is not easy to understand and even less apply in the field. It requires, above all, knowledge of the different “protagonists”, the wild and domestic flora and fauna and the human beings who live there. Moreover, the preservation of biodiversity must co-exist in harmony with the participants and users of the mountain. This requires above all information and the acquisition of knowledge, and this is what we wish to offer you at the Pointe de Nyon.

In 2021, this area becomes a literal platform for exchanges and learning about the mountain and the protection of biodiversity.

It is also at the starting point of the Pointe de Nyon chair-lift where you can discover the “Pas de l’Aigle” and many hiking trails.

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