How do I top up my plan online?

#1. Visit

#1. Visit

Fill in the form and click on "CALCULATE MY RATE".


#2. Click on Buy Now

#2. Click on Buy Now

Take note of the specificities related to the pass(es) you have selected then click on "BUY NOW".

#3. Login to your account

#3. Login to your account

If you already have an account, log in to retrieve your hands-free card numbers from previous orders. 

If you don't have an account yet, continue shopping, you can create an account when you complete your order

#4. Fill in the information fields

#4. Fill in the information fields

For each pass, fill in the fields containing the information about the pass's holder. 

If you wish to be insured (3€/day/person), click on YES in the insurance field. Please note that you will have to pay for rescue services on the piste if you are not insured.

#5. "Do you have a hand-free card?

#5. "Do you have a hand-free card?

For each of the pass ordered, please indicate whether you already have a rechargeable card or not. 

If yes, fill in the WTP number of your card, then click on VALIDATE

Reloaded card

I already have a reload card:


When you top up your lift pass online, you can use a reloadable card that you already have: most ski areas' cards work (often marked Team Axess). 
The hands-free card has a unique number, consisting of 14 digits and letters. This number is called the Internet number or WTP number.
It is written on the format of the number: XXXXXXXX-XXX-XXX with numbers and/or letters (never a letter "O", but the number zero).

When you enter this number for your order on the internet, when you have ticked "DO YOU HAVE A SUPPORT?  YES NO", the system will recharge your selected card. The lift pass will be validated on your first visit to a lift during your first day of skiing / biking in Les Gets (please pass gently in front of the terminal on your first visit).

At the moment and for compatibility reasons, we only accept cards from other ski areas that have the same format number as us.

I don't have a reload card :

You can also buy a card online for 3€ and then collect it:

At the Click & Collect 24/24 terminals located at the Pleney ticket office, under the departure of the Pleney cable car 

At the 24/24 automats located :
- Le Pleney ticket office, under the departure of the Pleney cable car
- Nyon ticket office, under the departure of the Nyon Cable Car 

At the cash desk :

- Le Pleney ticket office, under the departure of the Pleney cable car
- Nyon ticket office, under the departure of the Nyon Cable Car 

When you buy your lift pass at the cash desk, you can also use a rechargeable card you already have, or buy one for 3€. 

*Only during winter season 

#6. Client account

#6. Client account

If you have an account and are not yet logged in, please log in. 

If you do not have an account, create one by filling in the various mandatory fields.

#7. Delivery & Validation

If you have purchased new media, select the point of withdrawal for your packages, accept the terms and conditions of sale and then click VALIDATE AND PAY. 

If you already own a media, accept the general sales conditions and click on VALIDATE AND PAY.

#8. Payment

Click on PAY" to be redirected to our bank's electronic page.

Pay your order to validate it. 

Once the order is validated, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.