News from Morzine ski resort


regarding the Coronavirus epidemic

in Morzine

Following the many questions concerning the Coronavirus epidemic, here is an update for your next stay in Morzine.

The station has not been identified by the authorities as aplace of concern regarding the epidemic. There are therefore no restrictive measures applied either in the village or in the ski area.

There is no problem accessing the station.

Shops and all activities are operating normally.

The ski area is an open space, where there are no large crowds, especially at this time of the year, outside of school holidays.

The ski equipment, gloves, glasses and helmet, limits the possibilities of interactions between users. A carrier would be unlikely to expose the same person repeatedly. The virus is transmitted in confined spaces and by very close contacts.

All of the station's services are mobilized to better understand the situation and remain on standby in the light of the latest recommendations from the regional health agency and the authorities.

The ski conditions are excellent at the end of the season. With the recent snowfall, there are more than 2m at the top of the slopes.

All the ski lifts in the area are in operation and with the days getting longer, good days of skiing are offered.


The following measures are recommended :

Wash your hands regularly.
Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
Greet without shaking hands, avoid kissing
Use disposable tissues.
Wear a mask when you are sick (on medical prescription)

Snowscoot, Snowbike, Yooner

New activities now allowed in Morzine but...

with some restrictions

Snowscoot is permitted on the entire Morzine ski area with the exception of the Crusaz and Pointe de Nyon chairlifts, as well as the Viking magic carpet and the Poireaux 1 & 2 drag lifts.


For Snowbiking, the same restrictions apply as with a Snowscoot, but also the Bouchet and Mas Verjus lifts are forbidden.


Yoonering is only allowed with the Nyon cable car and the Pleney cable car. You then have access to the blue runs of the Pleney and on the runs of the Lièvre, the Chamois and the retour des Nants.




WARNING: these activities are not allowed in Les Gets with the exception of certain slopes on Mont Chéry

Enjoy !

Pass'Portes du Soleil MTB 2020


The Eagles Winter Park

The company Les Aigles du Léman (based in Sciez in the summer) is set up in and around the restaurant in Nyon to create the first "Animal Leisure Park in a ski resort".

This concept, unique in the world, will allow visitors to discover splendid birds of prey in aviaries, but also to attend various bird shows.

These will take place indoors, on the snow front and terrace, and on the slopes, where for the first time it will be possible to ski with the eagles...

The highlight will certainly be the shows performed during your meal, performed every day on the theme "Folklore & Mountain Traditions", serving authentic regional cuisine.

Access to the "Aigles du Léman, Parc d'hiver - Morzine" for everyone via the slopes and thanks to the Nyon cable car, served from the centre of the village by shuttle buses, and with free parking.

Les Aigles du Léman

The Beginner area

Louez un casier à ski au pied des pistes.

A ski locker at the bottom of the slopes

It's easy in Morzine

Rent a ski locker at the bottom of the slopes. 

Conveniently located at the Pleney ticket office, these ski lockers are secured.

Your ski boots will be heated.

A beginner's package for the first glides of adult or / and children...


A beginner's package for the first glides of adult or / and children...


Round-trip gondola to reach the summit of Pleney
Unlimited access each day to the following facilities: the Carpet, Belvédère Chairlift, the Nabor Chairlift.

And it's open!

Free Wifi

Free Wifi


Free high-speed Wi-Fi is available in the Pleney cashier's hall, in Les Portes du Soleil snack-restaurant at the top of Pleney and in the Grand Pré towards the Troncs and Charniaz chairlifts. Soon at the restaurant of Nyon ...


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Pleney beginner area

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