The 1000D

This itinerary offers you 1000
metres depth difference of downhill in one go!

Ski with eagles

Skiez avec les aigles

Live the unique experience of going downhill on skis in the company of an eagle.

Falconry course

Stage fauconnerie

Race with a gyrfalcon and win a falconry course! 1 participant per day. From 3rd star level.

Pinguin park

Accessible from the top of the Nabor and Belvédère chairlifts, you can have fun on the new Pinguin Park with its many fun and playful modules. Its Gongs, Tunnels, Boxes, Giant Xylophone, will delight both young and old!

The Chemin des Zouzous

The Chemin des Zouzous, accessible from the top of the Crusaz chairlift or from the top of the Pleney gondola, offers a forest trail to discover mountain animals.

Eagle Park

The new Snow Park

Try freestyle in complete safety, with natural modules that do not require excessive snow cover.

The terrain is worked in summer to accommodate the bumps and movements dedicated to freestyle skiing.

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