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Environmental Observatory in summer

Our ski area has implemented an "environmental observatory"

The objective of this observatory is to limit the unfavorable effects on the environment of the development and operation of the ski area.

Our observatory is characterized by a variety of natural environments: forest, pastoral, high-altitude minerals, wetlands, etc. These characteristics lead to regular interactions between the management of ski areas, with the local population, and other activities such as agriculture, forestry, hunting, hiking…

In order to provide appropriate responses, we have implemented:

  • a tool for measuring reliable data which makes it possible to measure changes in environmental indicators over the long term, in order to assess the effects of the development and operation of the estate.
  • a tool to help define integrated projects to avoid unfavorable effects on the environment, from the first design phases.
  • a support tool for regulatory procedures that ensures the availability of up-to-date and evolving field data to justify the effectiveness of the environmental measures implemented.
  • a consultation tool with local players, administrations, employees of the ski area and customers.

Example: Black Grouse

Two protected areas for mountain galliforms such as the Black Grouse have been identified in the ski area following the environmental diagnosis. They have benefited from work to make the environment more conducive to the development of this species.


Why are we particularly interested in the black grouse?

Because it is recognized for its great biodiversity value. It is an “umbrella species”: if the habitat of the Grouse is protected, many other animal and plant species from the same environment will also benefit.

In addition, a plan for viewing dangerous overhead cables has been signed with the Mountain Galliform Observatory. We therefore equip these cables with easily identifiable visual devices for birds, which considerably reduces collisions.

Tree plantation

In collaboration with the national forest office, each cut of wood carried out on the ski area is counted.

Compensatory measures are put in place and trees are replanted in areas that need them with local species such as spruces, firs and larches.

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